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MAGA Patriot Ready To Serve
"We The People"



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Yes, I will stand with Grant for Freedom!

The Duty of

Public Service

If all human morality were perfect, according to our creator, government would not be required. Regrettably, governments are a necessary nuisance to society. Everything of value taken from the people (or restriction imposed on their liberty) must be weighed against the ultimate public benefit. Therefore, I believe every action of government should be weighed on the scale of justice.  

My Top Priorities
as Your County Commissioner:

•     END Worcester County government’s $3,400,000 plan to spread  Effluent (sewer) water on the Ocean Pines golf Course.

•     SHORTEN time for Review & Permitting to provide permits (ie. OPA lost several months waiting to acquire permits to build a pickle ball court.) 

•     REQUIRE CONFORMITY of all County departments to the same rules & regulations that Development & Permitting imposes on our citizens. 

•     DEMAND Board of Education to conduct meetings at a time & place conducive to large audiences; permit citizens to address the BOE for longer than 2 minutes.

•     INSIST Board of Education develops a plan to eliminate the cause that 51% of our H.S. graduates require remedial training before starting credit classes at Wor-Wic college.

•     FISCALLY IMPROVE the budget of every Worcester County department -- and ensure transparency to our citizens.             


Defend the liberties of Worcester County citizens against tyrannical impositions or mandates of state or federal government and to support a safe and orderly public environment in our county where the protection of personal liberty and free exercise of God-given rights leads to prosperity, tranquility and a desirable way of life.

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